Little Victories

I didn’t drink the soda. That may sound like a throw-away, but I insist it is not. No, it is a victory. A small victory, but a win none the less. Today was Election Day in my Midwest town. In the past that would mean that I ate whatever came my way, scarfing down empty […]

Miss You

I miss you blog followers! I’ve always been a person who tries to have her priorities in order, and though I wish it wasn’t so, things elsewhere have just been more important right now. But, I have some hope that things are looking up on that front, so I hope to be back at it […]


Was anyone else just so, so, so proud of Gina last night? I mean, let’s be honest. Gina is never going to be my favorite. She’s burned that bridge. But she really did redeem herself in last night’s Biggest Loser episode. You could just see her transformation. Literally, you could see the weight lifted from […]