A lasting legacy

Makeover week is by far my favorite part of every Biggest Loser Season.

It’s not just about the clothes and the hair. (Though, lets be honest, I love the clothes and the hair).

And it’s not just Tim Gunn’s guest appearance, despite my intense love for the man.

But it’s so much more about that.

It’s so powerful, so inspiring how these people have changed their lives. It’s such a profound and reverberating change.

That’s why this is one of the few shows I keep up with. Because it’s so much more than TV.

It’s a movement.

It’s an inspirational show that, in the midst of all the “reality TV” that permeates programming now, shows actual reality. The bad and good of it. The truth of the obesity epidemic in our country. And the good news that its reversible.

I have to say that this season is by far one of the best yet. I like that it focuses so intently on health–not the drama, not the “sexy” movements that probably make for better promos.

The new producer clearly cares about the mission of the show, not just the ratings.

I truly think the lives changed–and not the ratings–will be the lasting legacy of the show. And that’s something to be proud of.

So what have you liked about the season? Why do you watch?

Love Note

This is truly one of those weekends when I desperately need just one more day.


Though who can complain when you get to spend your time with this hot fella.


He’s just the best. Really.

I spent some time reflecting on that this weekend. That I’m with just the best guy.

One who doesn’t mind when I wake up and can think of nothing else until breakfast is good and eaten.

One who shares my love for books and libraries. One who I can just stare at and wonder what’s going on behind those killer eyes and know its something deep and meaningful (or goofy and meant to get me laughing entirely too loud in a shhhhhh zone).

One who is perfectly content with a big stack of NYTs and some coffee (ok, and some beer) for an entire lazy Sunday.

One who enjoys learning and expanding his horizons possibly even more than I do.

One that understands when I have a bad dream and just feel the need to see my family, wherever they may be.

One that understands the importance of family and values mine as well.

He’s just the best. Sorry, ladies. He’s mine. For some strange, glorious, indescribable reason, he’s mine.



Was anyone else just so, so, so proud of Gina last night?

I mean, let’s be honest. Gina is never going to be my favorite. She’s burned that bridge.

But she really did redeem herself in last night’s Biggest Loser episode. You could just see her transformation.

Literally, you could see the weight lifted from her. She emerged as a different person entirely.

I certainly hope she can repair the damages she mentioned with her family. She definitely convinced me.

Gettin’ my Lent on

I’ll admit it, I’m not actually Catholic. But I’ve always thought Lent was a great idea. Just early enough in the year to set a tone, but not so early that–like many New Year’s resolutions– they get overwhelming and shelved two weeks in.

I also like the idea of taking something out of your life in order to focus on what’s important. If you’re religious, that often means a focus on God, but this idea can apply to everyday life as well.

Do you have something–maybe even something you love or really enjoy–that keeps you from what you know is important?

For me, that’s TV. Honestly, I don’t even like TV that much. Most nights when I come home from a long day at work, I plop in front of the flashy lights and come out of my programming coma hours later realizing I just wasted some really valuable time.

So this year TV is off for the duration of Lent. The one a exception is Biggest Loser, because I come away from that show feeling empowered. That’s a plus.

In the beginning I kinda thought I was taking the easy way out. TV won’t be that big of a loss, right! I don’t en like it!

But I discovered that while I may regret it later, I’ve trained myself to come home and vegetate in front of the TV. Its this unhealthy habit that I’ve engrained as a way to unwind. But there has to be a better way!

So far I’ve been catching up on a lot of reading–and that leaves me so much more fulfilled than most TV shows ever will. But I still struggle a bit to break the habit.

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Are you a Gina or a Joe?

It’s been awhile. i know.
And you know, I had planned on making a bunch of excuses. Busy job, just not enough time.
But tonight’s episode was an eye-opener for me.
I have the power to decide how I react to the world around me. I could be a Gina, who looks for ways to sabotage herself.
Gina is who I can be often–a person who gives myself an out. I don’t like that I got stuck in this situation. It’s not fair that this happened. The pressure is just too much.
And it goes on and on and on.
But I’d rather be a Joe. He doesn’t get along with Gina, we get that. But you know who picked up Gina when she fell? Joe. You know who bit the bullet during the last-chance workout challenge? Joe.
And you know who I like better, who I’m rooting for?
Because he has the right attitude–in the Game and in life.

Pardon my lateness

Technology just doesn’t like me, so sorry to be late on this post.

Biggest Loser last night drove me crazy. Despite all my love for Bob–and I mean, a weird attachment despite never meeting/ talking to/communicating with this guy–I wanted his team to lose.
They had such bad attitudes this week! They have Bob! They have nothing to complain about.

And the red team was working so well together. They were really focused. I’m just trying to keep in mind that this show isn’t just about winning, it’s about the lifechange too.
The ending was bittersweet, because HOW AMAZING DID LISA LOOK!?!??! I mean, wow!

PS- Who else  is seriously craving that sweet potato?

Again!! Seriously!?!?!

What is the deal with this season of Biggest Loser!?!

Pam was by far one of my favorites. I found her very human but also driven. I was so, so, so proud of her after the 5 K.

And now, poof!, she’s gone!

Like I said before, I’m beginning to wonder if I should just stop picking favorites. I’m jinxing them!

Like I promised, here’s an update to how I’m doing: I’m down to 159.2 pounds.

Honestly, this isn’t where I wanted to be two weeks in, but I have to keep in mind that progress is a positive too. I can’t let the tempo disappoint me!

But I also don’t have to settle. I’ve been using My Fitness Pal to track calories and exercise. It’s amazing how much time it takes to burn off that itty bitty cupcake.

It’s not that I’m going to give up the good things in life–Sorry, but I’m never going to be a kale-munching, food-weighing fitness addict.

That’s just not me. I love food. I enjoy food. I appreciate the work, the thought, the passion that goes into making food.

Instead, I think more moderation is in order. Do I need a cupcake every day? No. But am I going to cut them from my life entirely?

No way.

Speaking of food, so far I just haven’t found the right combination for my first healthy breakfast post. But I’ll keep up with it! I promise!

❤ CopyKat

I have to stop picking favorites

This season of Biggest Loser, I keep finding myself thinking You know, I really like (contestant’s name here). I hope (he/she) wins.

And then BOOM! They’re voted off! I was upset to see Kate go yesterday–and not just because of the name similarity. She had a great outlook and seemed really dedicated to change. Hopefully that sticks with her!

In other news, that delicious-looking breakfast sandwich I posted yesterday was delicious. Last night.

But then I followed the recipe, froze the extras and then heated one up this morning. I followed the direction to a t, guys–but it was horrible. Just horrible.

So I’m going to try something different, but hopefully I’ll have a healthy breakfast post soon. Stay tuned!

❤ CopyKat

BL14- Week 2

It’s week 2!

So far I’ve only lost about one pound, which doesn’t surprise me considering I didn’t make time for many workouts last week.

Notice the phrasing there?

It’s not that I didn’t have time. Yes, I worked an incredible amount of overtime on a big project. But, like Bob (yes, I feel I can refer to him by first name. We’re tight like that), reminded me this morning (ok, fine, it was a tweet for all his millions of followers, not just me)

you don’t find the time to work out, you make the time to workout.

Man I love that guy.

Oh, and conveniently today, look what came in at the library!


Can’t wait to dig in to this one. I’m also working on a healthy breakfast post, but here’s a little preview:


How amazing does that look?!?