My Virtual Closet

I’ve figured out that the ideas I tend to like best aren’t mine. Especially when it comes to this blog thing. Still figuring this whole deal out.

So, I went looking for veteran bloggers who’ve got the blogsphere master.

And I found  To Die For. Perfect.

This page is me taking one of my favorites of her ideas, a virtual closet.

Here’s why she keeps one :

“Do you ever, I know I do all the time, look into your HUGE closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” Yeah real problem on those days you just don’t feel good or are having a mental breakdown when it comes to picking something out.

    That’s why I started my Clothing Diary. So i could record what I’ve worn and loved, how it looks, and when I wore it. I get most my ideas from influences around, such as; the mall, work, and television. But to be quite honest…PINTEREST is my biggest inspiration! I love that I have an entire look-book of things I love and things other people have already put together sort of like a quick and easy idea that you can put little effort and look gorgeous!”
Isn’t that smart?

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