My latest love

I am ridiculously in love with the new A Beautiful Mess App. It’s intuitive, cute and very user-friendly. You gotta love technology that makes creativity easier. It’s only available on the iPhone right now, but the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess have promised an Android version in the near future. Here are some of […]

A month later . . .

I am way too much of a perfectionist. Too, too much. I haven’t been on here in almost a month. Wow. Didn’t know it had been that long. I got all caught up in making this blog perfect. I started second-guessing myself. I started wondering if it was even worth it. It took me awhile, […]

Early morning inspiration

Wednesdays are my early morning breaking news day. That means I’m in the office by 7. That’s 7 a.m. Ouch. Normally, I’m running all over the place because I have a breaking news curse–whenever I’m the breaking news reporter, big things happen. It’s ridiculous. But today seems rather quiet (Knock on wood. Bad weather’s coming […]

Little Victories

I didn’t drink the soda. That may sound like a throw-away, but I insist it is not. No, it is a victory. A small victory, but a win none the less. Today was Election Day in my Midwest town. In the past that would mean that I ate whatever came my way, scarfing down empty […]

Miss You

I miss you blog followers! I’ve always been a person who tries to have her priorities in order, and though I wish it wasn’t so, things elsewhere have just been more important right now. But, I have some hope that things are looking up on that front, so I hope to be back at it […]

Tonight’s the night

I plan on writing another post afterward, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want this blog to become, and just couldn’t wait to start getting some input. I do have a few loyal followers (THANKS GUYS!!!!) who’ve stuck with me throughout this weird phase of trying to figure out just what […]