Little Victories

I didn’t drink the soda.
That may sound like a throw-away, but I insist it is not.
No, it is a victory.
A small victory, but a win none the less.
Today was Election Day in my Midwest town. In the past that would mean that I ate whatever came my way, scarfing down empty calories in an attempt to keep myself going throughout the craziness that is an election night. (In the journalism world, every election, even small ones, comes with its own set of catastrophes and stressors).
But today I was good. I planned my meals. I tracked my calories.
But then temptation hit.
I went to the watch party for the local school board issues on the ballot. And there it was.
My nemesis.
Free soda.
There’s something about free junk food that just eliminates my will power.
It’s as if I have this idea that if it didn’t cost me anything, it someone also doesn’t count around my waistline.
I get how ridiculous this sounds.
I was also on deadline. Talk about double temptation. I’m an emotional eater–I’ve finally come to realize that. Regardless of the emotion, if I’m feeling something intensely–most often excitement or stress–I’m eating.
Weird, I know.
So I have this whole back and forth in my head that included such classic lines as:
It’s ok. Just one soda won’t be bad
I’ve worked hard today. I deserve a Sprite
it’s ok. I’ll have just one soda and then work it off later in the gym

But it didn’t work. I persevered. I had a water.
I know that sounds hilariously anticlimactic. But for me, that was big. BIG.
And the more I’m diving in to this health journey, I’m realizing that its the little victories that count.

So do you have any food/drink items that you have a hard time saying no to? How do you stay on track?
❤ CopyKat

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