Tonight’s the night


I plan on writing another post afterward, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want this blog to become, and just couldn’t wait to start getting some input.

I do have a few loyal followers (THANKS GUYS!!!!) who’ve stuck with me throughout this weird phase of trying to figure out just what I want to do on here.

I got to looking at all the other blogs I love– like Maskcara , A Beautiful Mess, and Brit + Co–and I realized a theme.

All of them are really good at something in particular.

So I started thinking about what I’m good at.

And just kinda sat here.

For awhile.

A long while.

After I got over the initial disappointment of realizing I’m not particularly good at any one thing, my Grandma’s voice popped into my head. No, not like, creepy hearing voices, or anything.

Just something she said over Christmas came back to me right at the perfect moment. (Because Grandmas are magical like that).

She said: Well you can do just about anything, can’t ya?

She was talking about my DIY Christmas. As a semi-recent college grad and journalist, I’m not exactly tolling in the dough. Forget exactly. I have no money.

But Christmas is really important to me, and I really wanted to do something special.

So I made gifts. Jewelry and sculptures and rings and all sorts of random things that my family (Thank God!) loved.

And when they found out I made it all, they were all so impressed! I, of course, had to explain that most of it was stuff I had seen in magazines, or on Pinterest or something like that. While I tried to downplay that as no big deal, my grandmother insisted that I had a great eye and that I was resourceful.

So, this big circular post is about me getting back to why I launched this thing in the first place!

Although I still expect to spend time talking about my health journey (I refuse to say weight-loss or diet, it’s really not about that), I hope to really start posting some of the fun things I do from time to time–like hacking things I’ve found on pinterest or thrift-store refashions or whatever comes my way.

Because, at heart, I always am, and always will be, a CopyKat!!

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