A lasting legacy

Makeover week is by far my favorite part of every Biggest Loser Season.

It’s not just about the clothes and the hair. (Though, lets be honest, I love the clothes and the hair).

And it’s not just Tim Gunn’s guest appearance, despite my intense love for the man.

But it’s so much more about that.

It’s so powerful, so inspiring how these people have changed their lives. It’s such a profound and reverberating change.

That’s why this is one of the few shows I keep up with. Because it’s so much more than TV.

It’s a movement.

It’s an inspirational show that, in the midst of all the “reality TV” that permeates programming now, shows actual reality. The bad and good of it. The truth of the obesity epidemic in our country. And the good news that its reversible.

I have to say that this season is by far one of the best yet. I like that it focuses so intently on health–not the drama, not the “sexy” movements that probably make for better promos.

The new producer clearly cares about the mission of the show, not just the ratings.

I truly think the lives changed–and not the ratings–will be the lasting legacy of the show. And that’s something to be proud of.

So what have you liked about the season? Why do you watch?

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