Love Note

This is truly one of those weekends when I desperately need just one more day.


Though who can complain when you get to spend your time with this hot fella.


He’s just the best. Really.

I spent some time reflecting on that this weekend. That I’m with just the best guy.

One who doesn’t mind when I wake up and can think of nothing else until breakfast is good and eaten.

One who shares my love for books and libraries. One who I can just stare at and wonder what’s going on behind those killer eyes and know its something deep and meaningful (or goofy and meant to get me laughing entirely too loud in a shhhhhh zone).

One who is perfectly content with a big stack of NYTs and some coffee (ok, and some beer) for an entire lazy Sunday.

One who enjoys learning and expanding his horizons possibly even more than I do.

One that understands when I have a bad dream and just feel the need to see my family, wherever they may be.

One that understands the importance of family and values mine as well.

He’s just the best. Sorry, ladies. He’s mine. For some strange, glorious, indescribable reason, he’s mine.


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