What a week!>!>

This has been one of those weeks where I come home from work after a long day, plop down on the couch and wake up an hour or two later, realizing I just need to call it a night and go to bed already.

But, I’m proud to say, I’ve managed to improve my diet at least. I’m getting closer to my calorie goal for the day (even if I go over a bit when I’m stressed). It’s improvement. I have to remember that.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at other blogs to see what works for them, and what I enjoy most.

I’ve already decided to copy one great idea I saw on To Die For.

She keeps a virtual closet. Here’s why:

“Do you ever, I know I do all the time, look into your HUGE closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” Yeah real problem on those days you just don’t feel good or are having a mental breakdown when it comes to picking something out.

    That’s why I started my Clothing Diary. So i could record what I’ve worn and loved, how it looks, and when I wore it. I get most my ideas from influences around, such as; the mall, work, and television. But to be quite honest…PINTEREST is my biggest inspiration! I love that I have an entire look-book of things I love and things other people have already put together sort of like a quick and easy idea that you can put little effort and look gorgeous!”
Isn’t that smart? I’ll definitely have to start something like that!
I know I definitely get most of my inspiration from my Pinterest Page. Where do you find your style inspiration?
❤ CopyKat

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