Friday Favorites

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There were just too many great things I came across this week not to share. So here are my favorites for Friday!

What’s better than a unique and creative t-shirt? A t-shirt with a cause!

I came across United Luv through Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth, a great health blog.

The writer (who just happens to share the same name as me, though we spell it differently) is friends with the founder, who is a cancer fighter himself.

The store supports United Luv’s effort to get iPads in the hands of cancer patients, so they can Skype, Facebook or Tweet their friends and family while gone for treatment.

Interested? Here’s a link to Catherine’s blog post, or you can go straight to the United Luv store. I’ll update with pics when my shirt comes in!

I continue to love the new A Beautiful Mess app. If you missed my previous post, click on over to see some of the fun things you can do with it. (or just look at the banner above!

You can expect to see a lot more images edited with the app on here soon!

And if you’re not familiar with A Beautiful Mess, go visit the blog. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Last but not least, I’m cheating. It’s not something I discovered this week or anything, but I love this–and it’s kind of a two-for-one.

With summer just around the corner, this Sun Labs tanner is the best I’ve found–and trust me, I’ve tried THEM ALL. I first came across it through Maskcara, my absolute favorite beauty blog. Seriously, I’m just obsessed with her! She’s like a friend I’ve never met. Ok, now I’m just sounding creepy.

So there are my favorites for this week. What are you loving right now?

My latest love

I am ridiculously in love with the new A Beautiful Mess App.

It’s intuitive, cute and very user-friendly. You gotta love technology that makes creativity easier.

It’s only available on the iPhone right now, but the lovely ladies at A Beautiful Mess have promised an Android version in the near future.

Here are some of my favorites so far!




A month later . . .

I am way too much of a perfectionist.

Too, too much.

I haven’t been on here in almost a month. Wow. Didn’t know it had been that long.

I got all caught up in making this blog perfect. I started second-guessing myself. I started wondering if it was even worth it.

It took me awhile, but I realize I’ve been way too hard on myself. It just started this blog! It’s not going to be perfect.

And you know what? It doesn’t need to be.

Because, like a lot of things in life, if I’m happy with it, if it makes me happy, then what do I care whether someone else loves it too?

Early morning inspiration

Wednesdays are my early morning breaking news day. That means I’m in the office by 7.

That’s 7 a.m. Ouch.

Normally, I’m running all over the place because I have a breaking news curse–whenever I’m the breaking news reporter, big things happen. It’s ridiculous.

But today seems rather quiet (Knock on wood. Bad weather’s coming our way. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).

So I’ve had a little time this morning to cruise the blogs before all hell breaks loose.

And I’m so glad I did. LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!

Honestly. . . WTF is such an interesting blog. They keep it updated with all sorts of random stuff I love, including today’s post.

For copyright reasons, I won’t post a picture here. Because I’m pretty sure that’s stealing. Instead, you should visit this link.

Seriously, it’s the most amazing thing you’ll see all day.


The artist, Yulia Brodskaya, has a bunch of other amazing work on this website. 

Some please explain how she does this!!

Triumphant Tuesday–Remember this!!


I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on the Whole30 yet. More on that later.
But I am very proud to say that things are going so, so well.
No, the pounds aren’t just falling off–but they shouldn’t be. It’s just not realistic.
I do feel progress though. I’m making much better food choices, and they’re becoming less and less of a struggle.
Mr. Cheddar is on board as well, so I have to say that makes things a million times easier. He’s definitely keeping me accountable.
I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my LoseIt! tracker and doing a mix of Zumba, Wii Fit and Kettle Bell workouts.
If you’ve never tried a kettle bell, I highly, highly recommend it. I’ve never felt so strong!

So, by now, lovely reader, you may be wondering why I’m writing this post. To boast?

It’s actually for two reasons:
First: a selfish one.
I want to remember this. For those days when I come home from a long day at work, hating the idea of making a healthy dinner, loathing the idea of working out and flat-out exhausted, I want to remember this progress.
That health does pay off.
That it is attainable.
That I am powerful enough reach my goals.

The second reason?
For you. My hope is that someone comes across this blog who has been where I’ve been. Who wonders if it’s even worth it. Who feels like nothing will ever change.
Who gives up.
It’s slow. It takes commitment.

But it’s so worth it. I promise.

❤ CopyKat

Little Victories

I didn’t drink the soda.
That may sound like a throw-away, but I insist it is not.
No, it is a victory.
A small victory, but a win none the less.
Today was Election Day in my Midwest town. In the past that would mean that I ate whatever came my way, scarfing down empty calories in an attempt to keep myself going throughout the craziness that is an election night. (In the journalism world, every election, even small ones, comes with its own set of catastrophes and stressors).
But today I was good. I planned my meals. I tracked my calories.
But then temptation hit.
I went to the watch party for the local school board issues on the ballot. And there it was.
My nemesis.
Free soda.
There’s something about free junk food that just eliminates my will power.
It’s as if I have this idea that if it didn’t cost me anything, it someone also doesn’t count around my waistline.
I get how ridiculous this sounds.
I was also on deadline. Talk about double temptation. I’m an emotional eater–I’ve finally come to realize that. Regardless of the emotion, if I’m feeling something intensely–most often excitement or stress–I’m eating.
Weird, I know.
So I have this whole back and forth in my head that included such classic lines as:
It’s ok. Just one soda won’t be bad
I’ve worked hard today. I deserve a Sprite
it’s ok. I’ll have just one soda and then work it off later in the gym

But it didn’t work. I persevered. I had a water.
I know that sounds hilariously anticlimactic. But for me, that was big. BIG.
And the more I’m diving in to this health journey, I’m realizing that its the little victories that count.

So do you have any food/drink items that you have a hard time saying no to? How do you stay on track?
❤ CopyKat

Miss You

I miss you blog followers!
I’ve always been a person who tries to have her priorities in order, and though I wish it wasn’t so, things elsewhere have just been more important right now.
But, I have some hope that things are looking up on that front, so I hope to be back at it again soon.
In the meantime, I’ve started reading “It Starts With Food.”
I’m literally just starting, but I’ve heard good things about the Whole30 program.
Anyone else tried it? What do you think?

Tonight’s the night


I plan on writing another post afterward, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want this blog to become, and just couldn’t wait to start getting some input.

I do have a few loyal followers (THANKS GUYS!!!!) who’ve stuck with me throughout this weird phase of trying to figure out just what I want to do on here.

I got to looking at all the other blogs I love– like Maskcara , A Beautiful Mess, and Brit + Co–and I realized a theme.

All of them are really good at something in particular.

So I started thinking about what I’m good at.

And just kinda sat here.

For awhile.

A long while.

After I got over the initial disappointment of realizing I’m not particularly good at any one thing, my Grandma’s voice popped into my head. No, not like, creepy hearing voices, or anything.

Just something she said over Christmas came back to me right at the perfect moment. (Because Grandmas are magical like that).

She said: Well you can do just about anything, can’t ya?

She was talking about my DIY Christmas. As a semi-recent college grad and journalist, I’m not exactly tolling in the dough. Forget exactly. I have no money.

But Christmas is really important to me, and I really wanted to do something special.

So I made gifts. Jewelry and sculptures and rings and all sorts of random things that my family (Thank God!) loved.

And when they found out I made it all, they were all so impressed! I, of course, had to explain that most of it was stuff I had seen in magazines, or on Pinterest or something like that. While I tried to downplay that as no big deal, my grandmother insisted that I had a great eye and that I was resourceful.

So, this big circular post is about me getting back to why I launched this thing in the first place!

Although I still expect to spend time talking about my health journey (I refuse to say weight-loss or diet, it’s really not about that), I hope to really start posting some of the fun things I do from time to time–like hacking things I’ve found on pinterest or thrift-store refashions or whatever comes my way.

Because, at heart, I always am, and always will be, a CopyKat!!

Kleenex ought to sponsor Biggest Loser

Or at least this episode. I’ve spent the whole time crying! But not a sad cry. Not a oh man, this guy has no chance in life, I feel bad for him cry.

It’s a celebration of the human spirit cry.

It’s an I’m so excited for you I can’t contain it cry.

But deep down, it’s also a why don’t you believe in yourself too? cry.

I’m not going to have a Jillian or a Bob or a Dolvette forcing me into believing in myself. I’m not going to have a place to escape to so I can reset.

My challenge has to be doing it on my own. And for myself.

But this year, more than ever, I feel prepared. I feel ready.

I can do this.